Zenchiteki na Dokusha no Shiten kara

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Título: Zenchiteki na Dokusha no Shiten kara
Título alternativo: Sinônimo: - | Japonês: 全知的な読者の視点から | Abreviatura: -
Formato: Série de TV
Gênero: Ação, Fantasia
Obra original: Mangá
Público-alvo da obra original: -
Editora (Label): -
Escrito por: -
Site oficial: https://zendokushi-anime.com/
Estúdio: -
Produtora: -
Diretor: -
Supervisor do script: -
Character designer: -
Data de estréia: -
Número de episódios: -
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Sinopse MAL:  Kim Dokja does not consider himself the protagonist of his own life. Befitting the name his parents gave him, he is a solitary person whose sole hobby is reading web novels. For over a decade, he has lived vicariously through Yoo Joonghyuk, the main character of the web novel Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse (TWSA). Through Joonghyuk, Dokja has experienced secondhand the trials of repeatedly regressing in time, in search of an end to life-threatening "scenarios" that force people to act out narratives for the amusement of god-like "Constellations." After reading 3,149 chapters—long after all other readers lost interest—Dokja finally resigns himself to the story ending. However, he receives an enigmatic message from the author, stating that the story will soon be monetized, before his surroundings suddenly go dark. He swiftly realizes that fiction has become reality and he is now living through TWSA. Although he is the singular omniscient reader of the events yet to come, his success in the scenarios is not guaranteed—but perhaps his advantage will empower him to step into the protagonist role that never suited him before. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

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