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Ta vindo anúncio da Platinum Games, talvez a data de lançamento do Replicant remake? Ou ainda quem sabe, algo mais...
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Novo trailer do NieR Replicant ver. 1.2xxxx
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(24/09/2020, 11:45)Ash_ Escreveu: Novo trailer do NieR Replicant ver. 1.2xxxx
Link youtube:

Emi Evans arregaçando como sempre.
(24/09/2020, 12:50)TimeBandit Escreveu: Emi Evans arregaçando como sempre.

Cada sussurro é um arrepio.

Já tá na steam em pré-order por 250 Reais, assim como nos consoles, Square-Enix mercenária.
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Nier Replicant vai trazer cenas cortadas do jogo original, boss extra, link com o automata e alguma referência ao querido Nier feioso, estão tentando agradar a todos. Replicant chega já no próximo domingo.
Novo trailer do Replicant mostrando o conteúdo adicional, parece que o Nier pai tá ali.
Na expectativa, mas no meu caso a fonte não é a steam 🏴‍☠️
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Liberou na steam.
To vendo o povo na steam reclamando que o jogo tá bugado.

Citar:Ok, the pc port is slightly better than automata's but still broken.

1. game is broken at fps higher than 60
2. mouse cursor always stuck at center of screen
3. controller support isn't complete, dualsense is not supported via steam controller setup
4. some effect is not working properly but it's not distracting.

Patch it, or I rather buy console version and refund this crap on steam.

Citar:This isn't a critique on the game itself because I'm sure it's probably good but I can't recommend this version when the basics of PC ports (Like at least allowing us to cap the frame rate IN GAME if you're going to tie animations to frame rate...) aren't there. On top of that the port itself is poorly optimized. There's no reason a rig with a 3090 with a 5800X should be jumping between 90-130 fps on this game at all at 1440p.

Wait for them to patch it if you're really looking forward to it or just cap it at 60 if you don't really care.

Citar:Another Square Enix amazing port.
But it's probably even worst than Nier Automata..

Game speed tied to FPS, if you run it at 90 FPS the games goes x2, and if you run it at 144 FPS the game will evolve in SANIC MODE at x4 speed.
The game doesn't have any option to cap the frames, so you need to cap them manually from NVIDIA control panel or with a third party software..

Denuvo is badly implemented into the game, it took 1 minute of white screen after the launch to inizialize the game.. (me and Windows were undecided if the game crashed or was loading..) some people can't even launch it due to Denuvo license related problems.

As a day 1 release this is a mess, they didn't tested the game, I suggest to wait for a patch, but knowing what they did with Nier Automata, buy the game in 4 years.

Muitas reclamações com bugs, de resto o povo parece estar gostando da história e jogabilidade.
O problema dos FPS tem como arrumar via driver da gpu.
(23/04/2021, 16:29)TimeBandit Escreveu: To vendo o povo na steam reclamando que o jogo tá bugado.
É mais choro que problema real, a maioria tá gostando, só os bebês do fps que reclamam.
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