Class de 2 Banme ni Kawaii Onnanoko to Tomodachi ni Natta

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Título: Class de 2 Banme ni Kawaii Onnanoko to Tomodachi ni Natta
Título alternativo: Sinônimo: - | Japonês: クラスで2番目に可愛い女の子と友だちになった | Abreviatura: -
Formato: -
Gênero: Comédia Romântica
Obra original: Obra originalmente escrita para o anime
Público-alvo da obra original: -
Editora (Label): -
Escrito por: Takata
Site oficial: -
Estúdio: -
Produtora: -
Diretor: -
Supervisor do script: -
Character designer: -
Data de estréia: -
Número de episódios: -
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Sinopse MAL:  I, Maehara Maki, struggled to connect with anyone during my high school years, finding it hard to make friends. Then, a turning point arrived. A girl named Asanagi entered my life. Despite being clandestinely referred to as the "second cutest girl in class" by the boys, she chose to spend her Fridays with me instead of her best friend Amami, who held the "cutest girl in class" title. In the comfort of my home, we delved into the realm of games, watched movies, immersed ourselves in manga, indulged in junk food—pizza, hamburgers—and guzzled cola, carefree and content. To the outside world, we might have seemed a bit messy, but to both Asanagi and me, it was a cherished, hidden time together. (Source: MAL News)

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